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The brand Tescar is worldwide recognized as identifier of the most famous compact size rotary piling rigs, specialized to work in restricted access areas and low headroom jobsites. The former company Tes Car Srl was established in 1976 by Mr. Elio Tonti together with his son Sauro. The initial main activity was the production of the chassis and heavy carpentry for both Trivelsonda and Mait, two of the most famous manufacturers of piling rigs in the market; then they started manufacturing drilling tools and kelly bars. After 20 years’ experience in the drilling and foundation industry, Sauro Tonti wanted to deepen and improve his personal ideas and projects which had given birth to the current special drilling rigs “CF SERIES” and “TES SERIES”, now famous and approved all around the world.

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Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing activity of Tescar focalized first on the project and construction of hydraulic drilling rigs for Micropiles and Soil Investigation, putting on the market the “TES SERIES” including several models which respond to the main contractors’ requirements and rise above the competitors thanks to their capability to change their working configuration according to the different jobsites features. 

After years of research in the drilling field, in 1985 TES CAR put in the market the first “mini-piling rigs” for foundations, now worldwide recognized as “CF SERIES”. The main feature of this machines line, designed and patented by Mr. Sauro Tonti, is the capability to move and work into limited access areas, narrow spaces, almost treacherous for our competitors. These machines are available with a torque up 6 kNm to 45 kNm and with a weight up 2,5 t to 16 t. 

Further to the “mini-piling rigs”, Tescar
 offers a medium-size piling rigs range with a torque up 60 kNm to 100 kNm. As for the Micropiles rigs, the most important feature which makes unique the Tescar piling rigs, consists in the versatility and in the possibility to convert every machine in several different working configurations. For example, one of the leading-edge models, the “CF6”, can be equipped for bored piles in Kelly Bar, CFA and Soil Mixing, for Piles Driving by hydraulic hammer or vibrator, for Diaphragm Walls by hydraulic grab and finally for Micropiles by rotary head, drifter and DTH hammer. It’s easy to realize the enormous advantage for the end-user who can buy the machine base and then convert it in all the other different settings just buying an additional kit according to the new jobsite features. As a consequence of this, the customer can save a lot of money, but over all he can be much more malleable and open to the different opportunities offered by the construction market. 

One of the key features of Tescar rigs has always been the use of top-quality components, starting by the most popular excavator bases, such as, CATERPILLAR, HITACHI, BOBCAT, KUBOTA, KOMATSU, EUROCOMACH, JCB up to the recent (and successful!) partnership with CASE, whose main models’ range is manufactured in Italy!

Beside the excavator mounted line, Tescar boasts also a its own crawler bases mounted rigs, designed to overcome the limitations sometime imposed by the excavators’ features.

The experience matured in over 40 years, the continuous technical research, strongly supported by our customers suggestions, the insatiable ambition to improve our quality, lead the company to become the leader in the production and sale of the small-medium size rotary piling rigs (with several “attempts” of imitation…).

In 2018, after a neat corporate restructuring, the brand Tescar has been acquired by Mr. Tonti’s son, Mirco, and it’s now part of the company Tonti Trading Srl. 

Rigs Tailor-Maker

Apart from our standard production line, Tescar has always accepted the customers’ enquiries for special, out of standard, customized rigs. In facts, Mr. Tonti’s thought has always been: “it’s not the manufacturer who has to face the different jobsites, but the customers, the contractor, the operators, so when we get a new uncommon enquiry for a special rig, our answer must always be “Yes, we’ll do it for you!” Following this guideline, his son Mirco decided to found a new company, Miolnir Srl, specifically focused on the engineering design of new prototypes to better support the brand Tescar in facing the new technical challenges of the market. Useless to say that our top satisfaction is to know that our customers succeed in doing their job thanks to the special machines we manufactured for them!!! This is why some of our customers have nicknamed us “the Piling rigs Tailor-Makers”!

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Our main target, as well as priceless reward, has always been the full satisfaction and gratitude of all its customers and dealers, which can be translated in the continuity of the business relationship, based unavoidably on the direct and personal relation of esteem and friendship, as essential premise for a strong and long lasting cooperation.

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