Don't give up the job, just change the machine! Chose TES CAR low-headroom series and you'll be able to face and win all the challenges!!! CF1, CF1.5 Compact, CF2 and CF2.5 Compact, the 4 amazing mini-piling rigs capable to work inside buildings, under 2500mm headroom, within narrow spaces (even 1000mm) with locking kelly bars to grant the max productivity in any situation. TRUST our experience in the limit access areas jobsites, cause what's "difficult" for the others, it's ordinary business for us!


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CF3 Plus - the rig that has the largest number of imitations!

Based on a Eurocomach excavator mod. ESP100 - Turbo, the CF3Plus is a multipurpose drilling rig which can be used in different ways on the most difficult jobsites. Designed for the future, as our engineers like to state, it's a real jewel for those contractors who want to face all the challenges of the market.The Tescar CF3Plus is indeed very flexible and can be used for bored piles, micropiles, tie backs, CFA, Soil Mixing, Slurry Wall and piles driving application. Link to the article on "Macchine Edili"

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TES CAR launches its new machines range for Rail Road works

The newest models of hydraulic multirole drilling rigs have just been delivered. The new machines, which will be inserted into the sale list within the end of the year, will be called CR6, CR6W e CR2W. The firstone will be used for the construction of the new high speed railway in Poland, while the others will be sent to work in Saudi Arabia. Shortly we'll insert these machines on our website under the cathegory "Raodrail Applications".


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