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The Tescar brand is recognised all over the world as identifying the most famous compact sized drills, specialised for working in areas with limited access and low construction sites. The first Tes Car Srl company was founded in 1976 by Mr Elio Tonti together with his son Sauro (respectively the grandfather and father of the current Tes Car owner, Mirco Tonti). The initial main activity was the production of frames and heavy carpentry for both Trivelsonda and Mait, two of the most famous drill manufacturers on the market; then they started producing drilling tools and kelly bars. After 20 years of experience in the drilling and foundation sector, Sauro Tonti wanted to deepen and improve his personal ideas and designs, which gave birth to the current "CF SERIES" (later combined in the brand new "TT SERIES") and "TES SERIES" special drill rigs, now famous and recognised all over the world.

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Manufacturing Process

Tescar's production activity first focused on the design and construction of hydraulic drilling rigs for Micropiles and Boreholes, placing on the market the "TES SERIES" which includes several models that meet the main needs of contractors and stand out from the competition thanks to their ability to change the working configuration according to the different characteristics of the sites. 

After years of research in the field of drilling, in 1985 Tescar brought to market the first "mini-drills" for foundations, today recognised worldwide as the "CF SERIES". The main feature of this line of machines, designed and patented by Sauro Tonti, is the ability to move and work in areas with limited access, narrow spaces, almost impossible for our competitors. These machines are available with a torque from 6 kNm to 40 kNm and a weight from 2.5 t to 13 t. 

In addition to the 'mini-drills', Tescar offers a range of medium-sized piling machines with a torque of 50 kNm to 100 kNm and a weight of 16 t to 30 t. The most important feature that makes Tescar's drilling machines unique is their versatility and the ability to convert each machine into different working configurations. For example, one of the state-of-the-art models, the 'TT5', can be equipped for Kelly Bar, CFA and Soil Mixing drilled piles, for driving piles with a high-frequency hydraulic hammer, for diaphragms with a hydraulic bucket, and finally for rotary and/or destructive micropiles with a DTH hammer. It is easy to realise the enormous advantage for the end user who can purchase the basic machine and then convert it to all the other different settings simply by purchasing an additional kit according to the new site characteristics. As a result, the customer can count on significant savings, but above all can be much more malleable and open to the different opportunities offered by the construction market. 

One of the main features of Tescar machines has always been the use of high quality components, starting with the most popular excavator bases, such as CATERPILLAR, HITACHI, BOBCAT, KUBOTA, KOMATSU, EUROCOMACH, JCB up to the recent (and successful!) partnership with CASE, whose main model range is manufactured in Italy!

In addition to the excavator-mounted line, Tescar also boasts its own range of crawler-mounted machines, designed to overcome the limitations sometimes imposed by the characteristics of excavators, and which sees the CF2.5 COMPACT as certainly the most significant model. A radio-controlled machine, capable of drilling 1000mm diameter piles at a height of only 2300mm, working on even medium-hard ground. It is therefore not difficult to understand why our US customers have nicknamed it 'The Small Wonder'.

The experience gained over more than 40 years, the continuous technical research, strongly supported by the suggestions of our customers, the insatiable ambition to improve our quality, lead the company to become a leader in the production and sale of small-medium sized drills (with several "attempts" at imitation...).

In 2018, after a thorough company restructuring, the Tecsar brand was acquired by Mr Tonti's son, Mirco, and is now part of the company Tonti Trading Srl.  


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